Once a month, Dojabox fires up the metallic lilac spaceship and takes you on a trip of self-lovery and relaxation. We probe every dimmension to deliver the dopest products to your moon base. Our boxes contain items like beautiful glass pieces, paraben & cruelty-free bath products, smoking essentials & accessories, self-care items, and our Playlist of the Month. Dojabox is a monthly subscription box like no other.  Send us your smoke signals and we’ll send you a Dojabox.

Created For Extra-Dimensional Beings

When you sign up for a Dojabox, once a month you will receive a thoughtfully curated kit of carefully selected products and presents for your relaxation needs.

 Every box is centered around a different theme and includes the ideal items for a multidimensional feminine being like you! You'll receive smoking pieces, bath/beauty products, activities, and/or general necessities.

Step 1

Place your order.

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Choose a payment method.

Step 3

Receive your Dojabox!