What is Dojabox all about?

Dojabox was created because we couldn't find a place for us in this industry. For women and gender non-conforming beings who enjoy indulging in self-care. Dojabox understands that some days you just wanna roll up something, run yourself a bath with some candles and listen to some pleasing music and other days you might wanna pack a bowl, put on a moisturizing face mask and color in your favorite trippy coloring book.

Our mission is to celebrate and empower women by breaking the societal stigmas tied to smoking. We believe that by occupying this space, as women, in this particular industry we can show that it's okay. 

Our subscription boxes contain more than just the smoking essentials because we understand that we are more than just smokers. We are creatives, students of nature, professionals, mothers and grandmothers, activists, glitter junkies, iridescent fiends, university students, music-lovers, feminists. 

We are human and at Dojabox we celebrate just that.