Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Dojabox?

Have you ever thought, "I wish there was a monthly service that delivers items I need for smoking directly to my doorstep  while also introducing me to new products and flavors while also sending me products that I can use for my self-care nights or for my creative downtime?" Well that's a Dojabox. 

Will my dojabox contain cannabis or anything illegal?

100% no.

What is Playlist of the Month?

We roll up to it, we light up to it, and fly to it. Our POTM is a list of the songs we're vibin' to that month. Included in all our subscriptions. We're extremely proud of this original Dojabox feature.

When is the last day to register for this month?

Cut off day is always the 10th. Make sure to order before the 10th to receive this month's box. If you register after the 10th, your order will be shipped with next month's batch.

When do subscription orders get shipped out?

Dojabox relies on small and growing businesses that typically create handmade items specifically requested for our customers. This can sometime stretches in processing times which in turn can delay shipments. The goal is to get your Dojabox to arrive by the last week of that month to to hopefully facilitate a monthly ritual of self-love and growth.

What day do monthly subscriptions get billed ?

Subscription renewal day is the 25th. Every 25th, your account will be charged for the following month. This means that sometimes you might be billed for next month before your Dojabox for that month arrives. For details on why/how this happens read below.

Why am I being charged for next month's box when this month's box is still on it's way?

Dojabox typically chooses on small & growing businesses to handcraft 1-2 items in every box. We do this because we love to support upcoming creative entrepreneurs and want to introduce them to our customers by featuring their items in our boxes. Production and shipping time for items like this is sometimes lengthy as we, as small business, do not have extensive resources. This means that while your box might still be in production, it will still be shipped as soon as the item(s) we're waiting on arrive and are packaged. Our calendar below can help with visualizing how our shipping schedule operates.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling is easy, free, and whenever you choose. 

(1) Simply sign in through the Cratejoy website. (2) Access your account in the drop down menu in the same top right corner. (3) Choose  Subscriptions > Manage Subscription > Cancel Subscription.

Shipping Policy 

We encourage monitoring your tracking number to make sure you or someone is home to receive your package. Unfortunately, Dojabox cannot replace a package after it has been successfully delivered. This includes theft and/or loss. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Refund Policy

 Skipping or cancelling your subscription before the 25th ensures you will not be billed. We do not refund renewed subscriptions as our customers acknowledge by purchasing they will be billed monthly. We cannot refund subscription packages that have been opened. Only opened ordered from the Smoke-tique are eligible for refunds. A 6% fee will be deducted from any/all refunds to settle credit card fees. 

General Policy

By visiting you acknowledge you are 21 years of age or older. 

Upon registering for a Dojabox subscription, a customer acknowledges they are enrolling in a monthly subscription.

Why choose Dojabox?

 At Dojabox, we understand that our customers are multi-dimensional; more than just a smoker. You can count on us to  combine the smoker's lifestyle with beauty and skincare, education self-love, self-care, and music. We bring you more than just the basics. Our goal is for our boxes to facilitate the dive into exploring your mind and treating yourself simultaneously. Let Dojabox be the monthly gift you deserve.