Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions; we've got answers. This page will be regularly updated to make your visits to our page as easy as possible. If you have a question that is not listed below please email us.

What's a dojabox?

Dojabox probes Earth to find the most fantastic self-love products and delivers them to your moonbase. Along with glass pieces, stash essentials, and accessories, our boxes come with a playlist every month, our POTM. The Dojabox comes in two different tiers, Beta and Alpha. The Alpha always includes a bath product (typically a bath bomb) to treat yourself to!

Will my dojabox contain anything illegal?

What?! This is a self-care box for the responsible tobacco-smoking woman. Everything you receive is 100% legal. Remember - drugs aren’t cool, stay in skool. 🤓 

What is "Bomb Strains"?

 Our Alpha Dojaboxes include exclusive bath and beauty items designed specifically for Dojabox. We partner with awesome shops every month to bring you ~🍁 inspired~ badass products... Every month you'll receive an theme-inspired item (typically a bath product) along with a fun informational booklet. It's an original feature you can find only at Dojabox.

What is Playlist of the Month?

We roll up to it, we light up to it, and fly to it. Our POTM is a list of the songs we're vibin' to that month. Included in all our subscriptions. Another original feature of Dojabox.

When is Cutoff Day?

Cut off day is always the 10th. Make sure to order before the 10th to receive this month's order. If you order, let's say, on the 18th of January, your box will be shipped on the next Shipment Day, which is every 14th.

When is Shipment Day?

Shipment day is every 14th. You should have a tracking number by the 15th. If you haven't received one by the 15th, PANIC!!!! Jk, just email customer service at and they will gladly figure out what's up with your order. 

What is Renewal day and when is it?

Renewal day is the 15th of every month. This is when your account will be billed for your next month's package. If you pre-paid for your subscription, then you won't be charged monthly. 

Why am I being charged twice before receiving my first package?

As soon as you feel yourself asking this, check your email for a tracking code! Right now! We'll wait...srsly, go check... Most times your first package will already be on it's way to you by the time your second month is billed. Packages are shipped on the 14th, and customers are billed on the 15th for next month. The calendar model below will provide an excellent visual of how shipping & renewing works at dojabox. 

If you checked your email and you can't find a tracking code, please email customer service at to get this all sorted out.