The Beta

The Beta is literally the beta-version of the Alpha dojabox. Over $15 of smoking essentials and accessories for the kweenz that are ballin' on a budge'. We got you. POTM is included.

The Alpha

Over $30 of thoughtfully chosen smoking essentials and accessories. Your box will come with rolling essentials like rolling papers, wraps, & tips. It includes a main mystery gift which can range from a water pipe to a grinder to a bubbler & so much more. We include the best of both worlds: stuff you already love & stuff you haven't heard of yet. Every month is inspired by a different strain of cannabis; an original feature of Dojabox. The main difference between Alphas & Betas is our exclusively-made bath bomb included in the Alpha. Named after our strain-of-the-month an their scents & flavors are often incorporated to the bath product. Face masks and skin care samples are often included as bonuses. A whole kit designed to treat yo'self & stock up on cannabis-related goodies every month! Become an Alpha queen✨