You won't find a subscription like this anywhere. With original features like bath or boutique products, a playlist, and a skincare sample alongside smoking essentials, Dojabox is truly a subscription for the modern self-loving alien. 

The main difference between our Alpha & Beta boxes is that our Alphas carry a special gift every month inspired by the monthly theme. It ranges from exclusive bath products to anything under the Earth's rainbow!  Face masks and skin care samples are often included as bonuses. Both subscriptions come with the Playlist of the Month. A whole kit designed to treat yo'self & stock up on smoke stash goodies every month!

The Alpha

An entire kit of thoughtfully chosen smoking essentials and accessories. Dojabox is an experience you receive at your door every month. We include the best of both worlds: stuff you already love & stuff you haven't heard of yet. Alphas come with a *featured* product inspired by the theme of the month. This can range from bath products to exclusive smoketique items.

The Beta

The Beta is for beginners or our queens that are ballin' on a budget. We got you! The Beta Dojabox is ~no surprise~ the beta-version of the Alpha Dojabox. Over $15 of smoking essentials and accessories monthly without making the trip to a smoke shop!

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